Sunday, December 3, 2023
Sunday, December 3, 2023



Cops Say Probe Into Homicide of Mia Kanu Continues, Mom Seeks Answers

The Southfield Police Department told CrimeSpace the criminal investigation into the homicide of Mia Kanu is active.

Lawyer Refuses to Represent Monster Suspected of Dismembering Puppies

The specific allegations entail intentionally mutilating the paws and legs of at least four puppies using an unspecified tool.

Child Services Ignored Pleas for Help Before Sequoia Samuels, 4, Died

Relatives claimed to have made desperate pleas to Jackson for custody and had repeatedly reached out to the Tennessee Department of Children Services without success.

Ohio Dad Charged for Murdering His 3 Toddler Sons ‘Execution’ Style

Police accused Doerman of meticulously planning the attack, describing how he lined up his young sons and executed them with a rifle.

Virgin Islands Gov. Kenneth Mapp Joined Jeff Epstein for Lunch On ‘Pedophile Island’

Former Virgin Islands Governor Kenneth Mapp visited Jeffrey Epstein’s “pedophile island” for lunch eight months after he was sworn into office.

Cecile de Jongh Interfered with Virgin Islands Election While Working for Epstein

The e-mail was sent while her husband was in office in an apparent effort to thwart negative publicity against her family.